The Salford Disability Youth Forum – Aims & Objectives

Overall Aim:

  • To improve the lives of young people (aged 16-25 years) with disabilities in Salford

Specific Aims:

  • To enable young people with disabilities to have a voice
  • To improve confidence and self esteem of young people with disabilities
  • To raise awareness around disability issues
  • To liaise with other agencies such as the British Youth Council and the UK Youth Parliament regarding campaign work, events and training

Some of our objectives:

  • To deliver workshops on disability awareness to mainstream schools in Salford
  • To design and distribute an educational flyer aimed at raising awareness about disability (DDA & the Duty) to theme parks and other buildings
  • To produce and present video-diaries on transport issues to agencies and decision makers in Salford
  • To consult with agencies (such as Salford City Council and PCT) offering information and advice regarding access (e.g. Bridgewater Canal Project, Children’s Services, PCT)

Current Campaigns & Activities

  • We are designing an educational flyer aimed at raising awareness about disability (in terms of the DDA and the Duty) to be distributed to theme parks and other leisure buildings such as swimming pools, gyms, and cinemas for example. We are working with an artist from The Department of Design on this.
  • Members of the Youth Forum are currently facilitating disability awareness workshops to a Primary School in Salford.
  • The Youth Forum is exploring the possibility of securing funding to produce video diaries on their personal experiences of transport with a view to showcase them to decision makers in Salford at a young people’s event.
  • We have representatives on Salford’s local Youth Forums and participants on the local Youth Council.
  • All work so far accomplished and ideas for the future have been developed by the members of the Youth Forum. It is a young people led organisation.

If you are a young person with a disability and want to have your views listened to and represented, please get in touch with the Youth Forum at: 0161 737 1092